SIW Tech Notes from ISC West 2022 – Day 2

March 25, 2022
Advanced AI and interactive robotics highlight new generation of security technologies
Echodyne’s EchoGuard radars are available in a larger, long-range package, typically used in border security and critical infrastructure perimeter protection, plus a smaller unit supporting critical infrastructure, border security deployed on Urban Mobile Detection Platform (UMDP) from Sentry View Systems. Echodyne's metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA) technology is the foundation for radars with unprecedented size, weight, power, and cost advantages over traditional ESA radar.


With Hailo’s advancement of AI Processing firmly in place in Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and Smart City functional groups like Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X), Infrastructure-to-Everything (I2X), diversification into rea- time object recognition for public safety and security is natural progress. Security industry professionals may be surprised at the power of processing ten different neural network algorithms in real-time, at High Definition, and at a high frame rate, low power consumption in a tiny SoC with CPU and GPU functions. As a new ISC West exhibitor, Hailo’s AI Processing partners like Cevidia, Foxconn, Dell introduced fanless AI processing modules around the SoC, that may be placed anywhere in a city with existing video surveillance, upgrading all cameras with AI algorithms.

The Hailo-8 edge AI processor, features up to 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS), significantly outperforming other edge processors.  The number of streams for the maximum TOPS, at a given HD resolution, is linearly related to the frame rate.


Formerly Leica Geosystems, now Hexagon Geosystems introduced what may be the most significant security, safety and high-value loss prevention solution designed specifically for three dimensions, plus path recording and volumetric facility protection space. Hexagon Geosystems introduces The Smart Digital Reality applying Digital Twins to AI/Computer Vision, and now part of Hexagon’s core competencies: “No longer can we think in terms of the physical and digital worlds as two separate things. Only when all data is available, live and in context – in one place – can we provide customers with the certainty of complete line-of-sight to ever-changing situations.”

As reported early March by SIW, the Leica BLK247 incorporates multiple visible lights, panorama, thermal imaging and LiDAR sensors in one multi-dimension solution. The Accur8vision flagship software by Tacticaware, now a Hexagon division actually can work with other LiDARS like Hesai, Ouster, and Velodyne. The BLK247 includes a multi-stream processor, and is packed with sensors, the output of each can be overlayed on each (see figure), providing the user with maximum recognition potential through sensor fusion. The image looks like an actual image in color but is a colorized point cloud or 3D mesh formed from sensor fusion. In addition to the Accur8vision platform, a multidimensional setup tool permits BLK247 solutions placed and tested in a virtual environment, complete with a human, vehicle or object breaching the space around the protected volume, building, or interior/outdoor space.

Hexagon also introduced additional multi-dimensional capture solutions in the BLK series.   The BLK ARC is a laser scanning sensor purposely built to improve the autonomous navigation of robots, like the Boston Dynamics or Ghost Robotics Quad-legged Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Q-UGV) and other carrier platforms to deliver fully autonomous mobile laser scanning.  The BLK2FLY is the world's first fully integrated, autonomous flying laser scanning sensor solution for inaccessible areas like bridge undersides, rooftops, sloping structures, and supertall buildings.

Robotics Assistance Devices

Although their website is RAD Security, significant products like RAD Light my Way,  ROSA180, ROAMEO and RAD's AVA 3.0 with STAN support safety, facility operations and augmentation and service delivery.

RAD Light my Way integrates a security and safety workflow designed to help employees feel safe and be safe walking to and from their vehicles. Lights brighten, customized LED messages scroll across all RAD units, and the user can clearly hear and speak to the officer from anywhere in the protected area. The remotely monitoring officer “stays” with the individual until the pedestrian safely reaches their car or destination.

ROSA180 detects a human within its surveyed area, an internal countdown timer is initiated, and if the identified people remain in view of the device beyond the established time, an audible alarm and alert is activated.

The Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer (ROMEO) Version 2.0 includes a full sensor suite of visible light PTZ cameras, proximity sensors to identify vehicles, license plate numbers, and people.

RAD's AVA 3.0 with STAN, (Autonomous Verified Vehicle Access) a 2022 SIA New Product Showcase Winner in the Control Access Devices and Peripherals category, applies an appropriate workflow to allow or deny visiting or employee vehicles, employees through a gate, complete with an articulating arm that moves the sensor/messaging/UX unit to the exact position of the driver, regardless of vehicle height.

About the author: Steve Surfaro is Chairman of the Public Safety Working Group for the Security Industry Association (SIA) and has more than 30 years of security industry experience. He is a subject matter expert in smart cities and buildings, cybersecurity, forensic video, data science, command center design and first responder technologies. Follow him on Twitter, @stevesurf.