SFC introduces new fuel cell for remote security applications

Oct. 30, 2008
Maintenance-free methanol-based system provides 24/7 power in all weather conditions

BRUNNTHAL, Germany – October 21, 2008 – SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG, a leading supplier of fuel cell products for mobile and off-grid power applications, today announced its new EFOY Pro Series for quiet, reliable power in remote security and data transmission applications.

The EFOY Pro Series delivers significant logistical and cost-saving advantages over conventional remote power supplies, such as batteries, solar cells and generators. For example, a concealed 25-W camera requires a capacity of 600 watt hours per day and these conventional systems have significant drawbacks for such an application, especially risk of detection. Batteries require frequent replacement that adds maintenance costs and risks exposing surveillance systems. Solar-power modules both stand out in many settings and may be inoperable in bad weather, and generators not only require regular maintenance such as refueling, but they also are noisy and produce exhaust.

The EFOY Pro Series supplies 24/7 maintenance-free, odor-free and, most of all, quiet off-grid power for a virtually unlimited period of time, as long as there is fuel. The company’s 28-litre M28 methanol fuel cartridge, for example, provides 31.1 kWh of power. That is enough to operate a concealed, 25-W surveillance camera for more than 50 days without any user intervention.

"We have applied our extensive experience in the development, production and commercial use of direct methanol fuel cells to the demanding requirements of professional users to create a specific product range for industrial applications," said Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of Smart Fuel Cell. "This unique product line delivers a new level of performance, reliability and flexibility in off-grid power systems for security and surveillance markets."

With its integrated set of connectors, the new EFOY Pro Series offers maximum installation flexibility and can be easily included in any customer application. The fuel cells’ robust casing and construction can withstand the roughest environmental conditions and temperatures between -2° F (–20° C) and 113° F (45° C). The fuel cell can be connected to either 12-V or 24-V batteries, as the integrated automatic charge control will recognize the battery type and adjust the charge process automatically.

EFOY Pro Series fuel cells can be connected to all EFOY fuel cartridges, enabling the user to adjust weight or operating times to the individual requirement of each specific application. All EFOY Pro Series fuel cells can be ideally combined with other power sources. In these hybrid systems, the fuel cell switches on only when additional power is needed.

The EFOY Pro Series is available in three models: EFOY Pro 600, EFOY Pro 1200, and EFOY Pro 1600. The series offers a charging capacity of 600 to 1600 Wh per day, depending on the individual application. In operation, the EFOY Pro produces a very low humming sound of 23 dB(A) at a distance of 23 feet (7 meters). It can be operated in closed rooms and vehicles and will produce off-grid power for weeks without requiring any user intervention. Moreover, customers can remotely monitor and control their security equipment with a mobile phone or computer via an integrated user interface. With all these features, use of the new EFOY Pro Series fuel cells will reduce customers’ personnel and logistics costs.

Measuring 17 x 7.5 x 11 inches (44 x 19 x 28 cm) and weighing approximately 18 lbs (8 kg), the EFOY Pro Series fuel cell fits into any switch cabinet or vehicle. For reliable outdoor operation in any weather, SFC offers the EFOY ProCube. The weatherproof box features preinstalled connectors and cables for any battery and fuel cartridge size.

The EFOY Pro Series is available at all international sales partners of SFC. It is also available in a long-life version with a guaranteed lifetime of 5,000 operating hours or 30 months, offering added calculation predictability for all professional users.