PRO Barrier Introduces New Vehicle Barrier

June 15, 2007
LightFoot barrier requires only a shallow cutaway, folds flat into road surface

PRO Barrier Engineering introduces the LightFoot, a lighter version of its K12-certified Arrestor vehicle access control barrier. Designed to K4 standards, the LightFoot is intended for settings that don't require the Arrestor's full stopping power. Requiring only a 12-inch deep roadway cut, the LightFoot features PRO Barrier's energy-absorbing band technology and aesthetic appearance. When down, it's flush with the roadbed and can spring into action within two seconds. At the K4 level, it stops a 15,000-lb vehicle traveling at 30 mph, a 60,000-lb truck traveling at 15 mph or a 5400-lb pick-up truck at 50 mph.

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