ATG Access Unveils Shallow Mount Crash-Rated Bollard

April 30, 2007
Bollar requires depth of only 200mm, can stop heavy trucks at 50 mph

The appearance of ATG Access at IFSEC 2007 underlines the company's ability to provide effective security solutions and secure access control for every type of application.

Whilst maintaining its links to traditional bollard security with its latest fully accredited manual security posts the attention of visitors to the show will almost certainly be drawn to the impressive video footage showing the companies SP1000 automatic rising bollard.

Crash test footage showing one single bollard taking the impact of a 7.5 tonne truck traveling at 50 mph and stopping it dead will impress all who see it. The SP1000 was tested as part of the production of the PAS 68 standard and its test results exceed those in the American K12 standard.

Stand number 23245 will feature the answer to every level of security, from a single residential driveway right up to the anti-terrorist SP1000.

The latest addition to the product range is a static bollard from the SP range which will sit in a shallow mount foundation of just 200 mm. This product has already been tested and performed a dead stop on a 7.5 tonne truck traveling at 30mph with zero penetration.

The company will also be releasing to market a revolutionary crash rated gate, manufactured using the latest high tech synthetic fibres and designed to offer a lightweight but very robust and secure access control solution. Both these products are masterpieces of engineering and are set to revolutionize the security industry.