SecureUSA Introduces Electric Bollard for Anti-Terrorism

Aug. 31, 2006
Electric design makes bollards maintenance free when compared to hydraulic bollards

ATLANTA and SAN DIEGO, Aug. 28 -- SecureUSA, Inc. released its new electric bollard this week. The new rising bollard incorporates an electric design and newer technology making the bollard EPA friendly and almost maintenance free unlike the industry standard hydraulic bollards.

SecureUSA developed the new electric bollard in response to concerns with the industry's outdated hydraulic bollards. Customer concerns with the current bollard designs include: poor reliability, a high level of required maintenance, the use of potentially environmental harmful hydraulic fluids, older technology with limited sequencing capabilities and difficulty integrating with other integral parts of the facility's security systems. SecureUSA's design team aimed at solving these specific issues during the development of the new electric bollard. The electric bollard not only solves the past issues, but also has advanced technology incorporated into the bollards operation.

The new electric bollard features a smoother and quieter operation, longer cycle life, traffic data and analysis capabilities, system diagnostics, onboard alert system and complete programmable operation. Lead designer Pierre Basson commented on the bollard, "The new electric bollard is a step forward in technology and design over the other available vehicle barrier systems. It is extremely advanced, opening doors for all new types of security situations and applications." The electric bollard is making physical security integration with the rest of common security applications such as gate arms, access control points, biometrics, and intrusion detection systems much easier.

The electric bollard provides a high level of physical security as well as its technological advancements. The electric bollard is capable of stopping a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 30 mph.

The new SU-EB series Electric Bollard is in full production with units currently being installed. SecureUSA plans on showing the new electric bollard in San Diego at the ASIS Exhibition on September 24, 2006.

SecureUSA, Inc. is a leading provider of perimeter defense solutions. SecureUSA's capabilities include the manufacturing of innovative vehicle barrier equipment, perimeter defense design, project installation and maintenance services. Our focus is to develop reliable, esthetically pleasing and cost effective perimeter defense solutions and products that protect facilities against asset loss or damage. SecureUSA's leading product lines include crash rated bollards, vehicle barriers, street furniture, gates, fencing, and perimeter detection equipment.

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