New Delta Scientific Beam Barrier Meets K12 Test

Aug. 15, 2006
DSC 7000 beam barricade stops 15,000 pound truck going 50 mph

PALMDALE, CALIF. – August 15, 2006 – Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today introduced its new 12 to 30-foot wide (3.7 to 9.2 m) DSC 7000 beam barricade.   In its first crash test, the 725-pound beam of the vertical lift barricade stopped a 15,000-pound (66.7 kN) vehicle traveling 50 mph (80 kph) dead in its tracks, equivalent to 1.2-million foot pounds of kinetic energy.  By doing so, the new DSC 7000 meets the K12 crash certification standard set by the United States Department of State.

“This crash test validated our design and adds to Delta’s family of beam barricade designs that meet the security needs of clients throughout the world,” explained Delta Scientific Senior Vice President David Dickinson.  “Had this been a truck bomb attack, the bomb and truck would have been held at the line of the Delta DSC 7000.  This particular design will be used worldwide at locations where wide roadways need to be secured from attacking vehicles.”

Delta's beam barricades are available in hydraulic and manually operated models.  All models are crash rated with one version enhanced for applications at nuclear power plants.  Their clear openings range is from 10.5 to 20 feet (3.2 m to 7.3 m).

Delta builds seven broad classes of counter terrorist vehicle barricade systems, including beam barricades, wedge barricades, bollards, sliding gates, shallow foundation high security barricades, surface mounted barricades and portable barricades.