SecureUSA offers new perimeter security vehicle barrier

Feb. 8, 2008
FutureWEDGE series 2 barrier meets K8 crash rating by Dept. of State

SecureUSA Inc, the leading provider of perimeter defense solutions, announced today the release of their 2nd generation vehicle barrier the FutureWEDGE Series 2.

February 6th 2008, Atlanta, GA -- SecureUSA announced the release of the new “green” pollution free electrically operated FutureWEDGE Series 2 vehicle barrier. This second generation vehicle barrier has been designed to meet the DOS K8 level crash rating, capable of stopping a 15,000lb vehicle traveling at 40mph.

The FutureWEDGE 2 is a step up from other vehicle barriers in the market, in both capability and reliability. Being electrically actuated, the barrier is an environmentally friendly option for any facility through the elimination of messy hydraulic oils and hazardous waste.

The Series 2 vehicle barrier employs a new spring assisted actuator approach, utilizing a more linear method of barrier movement, enabling continuous duty cycle, smoother operation and greater actuator life. The aesthetically pleasing, single buttress barrier is perfect for the protection of a large variety of entrances. It has a plate height of 31 inches and can span up to a 16 foot single entrance. In dual configuration it is capable of blocking very large driveways up to 30 feet wide. Being designed in both surface mount and shallow mount configurations, the barrier can be cost effectively bolted straight down to a suitable road surface, or for greater crash rating, shallow mounted in as little as 9 inches of foundation. SecureUSA is currently testing a dual buttress version, capable of supporting even greater plate widths, or providing up to a K12 crash rating.

The FutureWEDGE Series 2 is offered with an optional sophisticated touch screen control system featuring state of the art software and a wide range of integration options. It is the first of its kind to use both a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to operate*. This provides greater flexibility in barrier control and the ability to design a traffic flow system to meet any unique customer requirements, as well as sophisticated networking capabilities. At an operating speed of only 3-4 seconds and with integrated lights and a traffic arm for improved safety and effective traffic operation, the barrier is perfect for a large variety of applications.

The original FutureWEDGE WEDGE, launched in 2006, was a very popular unit and has been implemented to protect key banking facilities, corporate entrances, parking garages and casinos, both in the USA, and abroad, including Australia. With a higher crash capability and increased duty cycle, the Series 2 barrier has already been pre-ordered by customers.

This is a new exciting product launch. The FutureWEDGE Series 2 is an electrically operated and environmentally friendly barrier solution, that can block very large roadways and entrances, designed to a K8 crash rating.