Parks Associates’ 28th annual CONNECTIONS conference returns to Dallas

Jan. 17, 2024
Parks Associates is accepting speaker submissions for the CONNECTIONS Conference in May 7-9 and virtual sessions hosted January 23, June 13, and December 12.

Parks Associates’ new research finds that online retailers continue to be the top channel for smart home buyers but the security dealer channel showed significant growth in 2023. The firm finds that 42% of US internet households report purchasing a smart home device from a retailer and 13% report purchasing from a security dealer.  

The research firm will highlight the new innovations, business models, and use cases driving growth in the connected home markets at the 28th annual CONNECTIONS: The Premier Connected Home Conference, hosted in-person May 7-9 at the Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park Hotel in Plano, TX.  

CONNECTIONS sponsors include Cox Communities, Nice,, Shelly, SmartThings, Kaadas Smart Locks, Kwikset, Rapid Response Monitoring, Ubiety, Ivani, SkyBell, Becklar, Calix, Origin, and RSPNDR.  

“Security dealers are well-positioned to sell products from the hot video device categories and to expand their ‘peace-of-mind’ offerings to include smart smoke detectors and access control devices like smart door locks and garage door openers,” said Jason Paris, VP, Business Development, Parks Associates. “Security dealers have successfully leveraged their relationships with security system buyers and the ability to provide centralized control of devices at the security panel to increase share.”

Parks Associates is accepting speaker submissions for the CONNECTIONS Conference in May 7-9 and virtual sessions hosted January 23, June 13, and December 12. Topics:  

  • Building Profitable Business Models
  • Growth Areas: Multifamily, SMB, Seniors
  • Smart Home Integration: Progress and Barriers
  • Major Energy Investments: Transforming the Experience
  • AI in the Smart Home: Predictive, Creative, Responsive
  • Willingness to Pay for Connected Home Services
  • Building Smart, Sustainable Living: Tech Strategies for New Builds
  • Insurance Opportunities in the Smart Home
  • Solving False Alarms: Tech Transforming Home Security
  • Multifamily: Integrated Living Experiences
  • Home Security Transforming to Home Services
  • Why Interoperability Matters
  • SMBs and Multifamily: Next Areas of Growth
  • Channels Driving Growth: Triggers for Buying Connected Home Technologies
  • Privacy and Data Security in Connected Homes
  • Independent Living with Connected Devices
  • Unlocking Energy Management in Connected Homes
  • Future Outlook: Investment and Disruptions in Connected Homes  

CONNECTIONS features the following virtual sessions in 2024:

  • Post CES: Innovation and 2024 Trends – January 23
  • Home Services: Familiarity, Affordability, and Value – June 13
  • Smart Home Future Outlook 2025 – December 12  

For decades, Parks Associates has brought together thousands of industry players from the consumer technology ecosystem for networking, consumer and industry research, insights from visionary speakers, and thoughtful, curated sessions focused on technology innovations, consumer behavior, and product and service adoption and trends.  

For more information or to speak to an analyst, contact [email protected].