AlliedBarton Announces Technology Enhancements to Training at ASIS 2006

Sept. 22, 2006
Senior leaders Jim Gillece and Rich Cordivari appointed to key training posts

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 25, 2006 – AlliedBarton Security Services,, the only contract security services firm honored in Training magazine’s prestigious “Top 100” list in 2006, today announced the development of a combined security training platform that utilizes AlliedBarton’s rich roster of online and off-line security training modules with Initial Security’s state-of-the-art Web-based platform. AlliedBarton signals its continuing commitment to delivering world-class security training with the addition of significant technology enhancements and the appointment of Jim Gillece as Vice President of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness and Rich Cordivari as National Training Director. AlliedBarton, the largest American owned and managed security services firm, highlights their award-winning training at ASIS 2006, Booth # 2323, at the San Diego Convention Center from September 25-28.

Earlier this year, AlliedBarton Security Services acquired Initial Security, a leading security company that developed Initial Online Academy, a proprietary Web-based E-learning system. AlliedBarton’s online training center,, will continue to lead the security industry in providing a vast number and wide range of pertinent and timely courses and activities available to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

“In our post 9/11 climate, it is more crucial than ever to provide security training programs that are current, consistent, and available 24 hours a day,” said Bill Whitmore, President and CEO, AlliedBarton Security Services. “By marrying the best of two world-class training programs, we are able to deliver the security industry’s most sophisticated, up-to-date E-learning platform that ensures our physical security officers are up to speed on a wide variety of tactical, legal and strategic information.”

“New hires from anywhere in the country are able to get the same ‘basic training,’” adds Whitmore. “Our advanced E-learning platform enables induction training to be customized so that all new hires, as well as existing personnel for specific clients at multiple locations, review the exact same material presented uniformly—but with procedures, regulations and information that is specific to the client.”

AlliedBarton’s training is available for the company’s employees including security personnel, first line and mid-level supervisors, field managers, site managers and executive staff.

Jim Gillece joined AlliedBarton in July of this year. Gillece, who was formerly Director, Leadership Education and Development for Pfizer Inc., assumes leadership of all training and organizational effectiveness functions at AlliedBarton. “Our state-of-the-art E-learning training system offers content delivery consistency,” said Gillece. “Our E-learning system allows for quick deployment of new information to security personnel through courses added to our system based on new policies and procedures, state or Federal regulatory changes, new equipment procurement or modifications or environmental changes. Our goal is to continually deliver ‘ready now’ officers to best serve our clients.” Richard Cordivari, appointed to his national training post in August 2006, previously served as AlliedBarton’s MidSouthAtlantic Division’s training director. In his new role, he assumes responsibility for all aspects of Security Officer and Account Manager Training and Development and leads a variety of special projects including the orientation and training of new employees. “By fully utilizing the superior training tools and methodologies we have in place, we can ensure that AlliedBarton’s security officers continue to exceed clients’ demands to be the best in the industry,” said Richard Cordivari.