Protos Security launches new logo

Jan. 13, 2020
The logo reflects the company’s expansion in managed, monitored and direct guard services

DALEVILLE, VA, January 13, 2020 – Protos Security, a nationwide leader in security guard services has announced a new logo and brand identity system. The new branding reflects the company's expanded portfolio of managed, direct and monitored guard services from its acquisition of Security Resources Inc in August 2019. It also reinforces the combined company’s modern approach to delivering security guard services and next-generation technology that put clients in control of their loss prevention and risk management programs.

“This is an exciting time for us and for our customers,” said Patrick Henderson, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Protos Security. “We are linking our industry-leading technology with a vast portfolio of remote monitoring and on-site guarding options to bring customers the easiest, most flexible and most innovative guard management experience in the industry.”

"The new logo and brand identity system emphasizes this wide portfolio of business solutions." added Chris Copenhaver, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Protos Security.  "But, it also reflects our previous Protos logo because our core belief hasn’t changed. From the beginning, our goal was to deliver innovative technologies and services that leverage valuable data to improve the accountability and efficiency of loss prevention programs. Our entire expanded portfolio of services will leverage this technology to give our current clients the visibility and control they’ve come to expect from Protos

Protos offers direct guard services, managed guard services and remote monitoring services for retail, corporate facilities, manufacturing, logistics, commercial real estate, hospitality, residential and entertainment applications. Its unique technology and guard management services combine real-world knowledge with real-time information to reduce the burden of loss prevention, so customers can better manage their risks and budget while freeing their time to spend on other priorities. Protos’ next generation approach to guard management includes:

  • Security guard program visibility from real-time online tracking at every stage of the guard process,
  • Automated, proprietary workforce communications that go beyond the standard guard training to ensure on-site guards understand each client’s unique situation, risks and expectations each day,
  • A full portfolio of services - including direct guard services, managed guard services, and remote monitoring services - that allow Protos to create just the right loss prevention program for each customer, and
  • A team that takes each customer’s business personally and acts with urgency.

"We are ready and excited to now be fully under the Protos brand," said Joseph Malone Sr. Security Resources co-founder. “Both Protos and Security Resources have always put our customers first, but we had different approaches to guard management. As a combined brand, we are bringing these approaches together to offer customers even more options to create the solution that’s right for them.”

The new logo and brand identity system is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company during the first half of 2020.

About Protos: Based in Daleville, VA, Protos Inc is a nationwide leader in security guard services, offering a broad portfolio of managed guard services, direct guard services and remote monitoring for retail, warehousing, office, hospitality and entertainment applications. Protos’ industry-leading technology puts all the information customers need to efficiently manage their security guard services in once place, giving them real-time visibility and control over their loss prevention and risk management process.

If you would like more information, please contact Maria Asher at (866) 403-9630 ext. 157 or [email protected].