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For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of millions of property owners to secure and protect their people and property.


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Detex offers a wide range of life safety and security door hardware products that are guaranteed to be the most durable, easiest to install, innovative, technologically advanced and architecturally beautiful products available on the market today.  From multipoint locks, to delayed egress to economical locks and alarms, Detex has been helping retailers and restaurants for decades.  Detex manufacturers’ a wide variety of security hardware designed to prevent shoplifters from using emergency exits as escape routes, thwart break-ins and stop dishonest employee’s from sneaking out a locked door.


Detex provides everything you need for a customized, integrated door security system.  Easy to specify, easy to order, easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain, Detex EasyKits are field-proven, code-compliant and will meet all of your requirements for worry-free, safe and secure control of building entry and egress.  Detex has built specialized weatherized delayed egress systems for outdoor garden centers, and systems that automatically lock or unlock doors with the push of a button.  You might only need to add a strobe light to an alarm, or prevent a propped door, but regardless of your challenge, give us a call, we can provide several answers.


For more than a century, Detex has been the world leader in Guard Tour Verification products and systems.  Setting the standard with the widely used, reliable, and rugged mechanical watchclocks and continuing with the innovative GCS ProxiPen electronic guard tour verification systems, Detex is recognized worldwide as the leading solution provider.

Products and Press Releases

Outdoor Latch Detex
Emergency Exit Devices

Advantex Weatherized Latch Retraction Exit Device (ER EX W) from Detex

April 21, 2022
Perfect for outdoor gates in amusement parks, garden centers, lumber yards, courtyards, and other exterior applications as well as interior applications that get wet
Wde Image
Door Hardware

WDE EasyKits from DETEX

May 19, 2021
The WDE EasyKits from Detex provide a secure two-point locking system with 15-second delay and 100dB alarm when someone attempts to exit. The WDE EasyKit is designed for outdoor...
Delayed Exitlatch Retraction
Door Hardware

Detex Advantex Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction (EE ER)

April 30, 2021
Device integrates both functions for more efficient operation
Dtx 6373 Sneak Detection Half Pg
Access Control

Detex Tailgate Detection System

Nov. 20, 2019
The Detex Tailgate Detection System assures that only one individual enters a secured doorway for each authorized card read. This unique and cost effective optical security system...
Door Hardware

Advantex Weatherized Latch Retraction Exit device (ER EX W) from Detex

May 6, 2019
For outdoor access control application where a panic exit device is required
The Detex AO19 Series of Low Energy Automatic Operators are economical, easy to install, heavy duty products for high use and high abuse applications.
Access Control

Detex AO19 Series of Low Energy Automatic Operators

May 4, 2018
The Detex AO19 Series of Low Energy Automatic Operators are economical, easy to install, heavy duty products for high use and high abuse applications. All AO19 Series Operators...
230XBadBoys 5b85734f64516

Multi-Point Lock from Detex

March 13, 2017
GSX 2018 Booth #2851
RestrAccess7Warm 589c8c224220a
Access Control

Detex Restricted Access System

March 1, 2017
ISC West 2017 Booth #19109
LockdownDoors 5995aefc9282b
Access Control

Detex Lockdown System for Campus Emergencies

Feb. 9, 2016
ISC West 2019 Booth #13101

Articles & News

Ste Connect Healthcare

How to Contend with Healthcare Security's Tug-O-War

April 3, 2020
A look at how healthcare facilities are confronting today’s security challenges
Ste Connect Transit
Critical Infrastructure

Transportation sector ripe with security threats

Nov. 22, 2019
An in-depth look at why the sector is a disaster waiting to happen
Detex Education Ste Connect
School Security

Effective School Security through Advanced Technology and Common Sense Policies

Nov. 1, 2019
Examining the tools and strategies schools are leveraging today to keep campuses safe
Ste Connect Healthcare

Tracking Healthcare's Evolving Physical and Cyber Security Solutions

July 2, 2019
An in-depth look at how healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to address a wide range of threats

Videos & Resources

Big Book Spring 0523cover

Big Book Spring 2023

May 10, 2023
The security industry's buyer's guide, featuring the latest in new products
1660628632 11117169
Access Control

Video: Detex introduces ECL-230X-TDB-DX3

Aug. 19, 2013
Heavy-duty 6 Pt lock with 16,000 lbs pull force
Detex Image

Stopping school threats at the door

May 15, 2013
Examining access control technologies that can keep faculty and students safe.
Whitepaper Cover
Access Control

Life Safety Security & Operational Conflicts

June 4, 2012
Our world is full of threats. The buildings and systems we interact with everyday are designed to limit our exposure to the risk of fire, bodily harm and other threats. We take...


Ken Kuehler

National Account Sales Manager

All content from Detex Corporation

The Detex Battery Operated Door Prop Alarm is designed for applications where doors may be used but not held open
Alarm Systems & Intrusion Detection

Detex Battery Operated Door Prop Alarm

May 12, 2015
The Detex Battery Operated Door Prop Alarm is designed for applications where doors may be used but not held open. The door prop alarm sounds when a door is left open longer than...
Aod Easy Kit Order Form 1 547e24f70d06c
Door Hardware

EasyKit Systems

May 12, 2015
The Detex EasyKit catalog number specifies everything you need for virtually any application, with one price and no problems. Illustrated here is the AODx10ERx1S-1 Automatically...
Detex Sept ASIS Preview 230X as Smart Object 1 55d63b72049a3
Door Hardware

Detex ECL-230X

May 12, 2015
ASIS 2015 Booth #2601
Ease of installation, reduced maintenance, and a reputation for dependability are the reasons cited by building maintenance managers for selecting Detex Advantex hardware to bring their properties up to date.
Access Control

Detex panic hardware ideal for retrofit projects

Jan. 8, 2014
Special design features make installation easy and quick in commercial applications
Certain healthcare applications require a combination of components, and the Restricted Access System features a range of hardware to meet those specific needs.
Access Control

Detex's Restricted Access System

May 30, 2013
Solution features a range of hardware to meet specific needs
(Photo courtesy Detex)
Detex Automatic Swing Door Systems are ideal for healthcare applications.
Access Control

Detex Automatic Swing Door Systems

Feb. 26, 2013
Solution meets specific needs in hospitals and medical buildings
(Photo courtesy Detex)
The new Outdoor Area System from Detex is designed specifically for healthcare facilities that have courtyards and gardens where patients or residents spend time.
Alarm Systems & Intrusion Detection

Detex Outdoor Area System

Dec. 3, 2012
Weatherized system makes sure residents can’t wander beyond the premises
EAX 300 Gray and Black Straight On 57290569879df
Door Hardware

Detex EAX-300 Door Prop Alarm

Feb. 16, 2012
ISC West 2016 Booth #22103