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Access & Identity

Major airports turn to HID Global to help navigate bumpy travel industry recovery

Dec. 20, 2021
HID® SAFE for Aviation solution automates and simplifies access control for employees, vendors and visitors while managing TSA and COVID-19 compliance requirements
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The first question the CISO should answer is what the next few years will look like.

The CISO’s COVID Endgame: Optimization

Sept. 10, 2021
Building a successful security operation remains a challenge as the scale of companies’ security requirements continues to grow
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Given that employees are working outside of the office and using non-sanctioned devices more than ever, establishing a zero-trust framework is vital.

Strategies for establishing a zero-trust approach

Aug. 27, 2021
At the core of zero trust lies the principle of never trust, always verify
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As 5G becomes more ubiquitous, so too will vulnerabilities.
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CompTIA ISAO adds real-time cybersecurity threat analysis and intelligence resources from Sophos

Aug. 5, 2021
ISAO members gain access to SophosLabs Intelix for rapid analysis of known and zero-day cybersecurity threats
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To combat the increase in third-party threats, companies need to evaluate the security posture of their third parties to identify and remediate security gaps.

How to tackle potential third-party security threats as employees return to the office

June 3, 2021
It is vitally important for organizations to use an automated solution that can easily scale
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Valimail introduces DMARC-as-a-Service

May 27, 2021
Collaboration with Microsoft brings automated DMARC to Microsoft 365
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Managed Network Security

Eclypsium unveils a major new extension to their enterprise device integrity platform

May 17, 2021
The new solution lets organizations easily extend visibility and security beyond their traditional endpoints to now include network and unmanaged devices
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ioXt Alliance expands certification program for mobile and VPN security

April 15, 2021
Expansion brings transparency to mobile applications and virtual private networks
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The construction industry has become a prime target of cybercriminals over the last couple of years.
Critical Infrastructure

Is the construction industry the next big cybercrime target?

March 26, 2021
68% of construction executives have no cybersecurity measures in place
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As work from home is here to stay, more companies will be considering VPNs to protect critical and private information from hackers.

Are VPNs really secure?

March 20, 2021
What to consider before installing employees’ devices with a VPN